Grocery Shopping

June 22nd, 2013 by heide

We went for grocery shopping with daddy and mummy today.
It’s one of our favourite activity.
We could choose all different kinds of crisps, cookies, drinks, cereal etc.
Usually daddy and mummy would put all of us inside one trolly so we won’t run around the supermarket and kill anyone.
But there are always fighting in the cart.
Di Di… you are stepping on my feet…
Dor Dor… I have no space….
Nana usually is the poorest cause she doesn’t know how to say anything even she gets hit or bump by us.
But we usually got to get down when we are almost done with out shopping.
We got to go to the books and magazine section and read some story books.
Sometimes we got to buy them.
While we were readying, Nana went to buy some chicken stock with daddy.
It seems like she got really interested with the cap of the chicken stock.
Um… I don’t think you could drink it from there…
I think you usually use it for cooking.
Maybe you could ask mummy to cook you some chicken soup tonight instead of drinking from the box.

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