Time for Tennis

June 21st, 2013 by heide

Daddy goes for tennis every Friday night with his friend.
We usually join them for dinner then return home after that.
Sometimes we got to stay a while to watch them play a bit.
Me and Di Di would be the ball boys, standing behind daddy or his friend.
We run as fast as we could to pick up the balls and throw the balls back to them.
Nana would be the ball keeper.
Why? Cause once she gets a ball, she would just hold on to it and doesn’t want to get it back to us.
We are so glad that she got small hands, otherwise, she might collects all the balls and nothing left for us.
But Nana likes to hold the tennis racquet the most.
She would carries it around the court and doesn’t want to return back to daddy.
I know you really want to play but I think you are way too small.
Could you wait another 2 years?

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