Yucky Faces!

June 23rd, 2013 by heide

Like me when I was a baby, I love to put my face against the window.
Like brother like sister, Nana and Di Di love to do that too.
They both love to press their faces again the window and look – they look so yucky!
But also very funny!
They both look like a little piggy with a very funny noses.
Hahaha… I love it!
You guys should do it more often!
Oink! Oink!

Grocery Shopping

June 22nd, 2013 by heide

We went for grocery shopping with daddy and mummy today.
It’s one of our favourite activity.
We could choose all different kinds of crisps, cookies, drinks, cereal etc.
Usually daddy and mummy would put all of us inside one trolly so we won’t run around the supermarket and kill anyone.
But there are always fighting in the cart.
Di Di… you are stepping on my feet…
Dor Dor… I have no space….
Nana usually is the poorest cause she doesn’t know how to say anything even she gets hit or bump by us.
But we usually got to get down when we are almost done with out shopping.
We got to go to the books and magazine section and read some story books.
Sometimes we got to buy them.
While we were readying, Nana went to buy some chicken stock with daddy.
It seems like she got really interested with the cap of the chicken stock.
Um… I don’t think you could drink it from there…
I think you usually use it for cooking.
Maybe you could ask mummy to cook you some chicken soup tonight instead of drinking from the box.

Time for Tennis

June 21st, 2013 by heide

Daddy goes for tennis every Friday night with his friend.
We usually join them for dinner then return home after that.
Sometimes we got to stay a while to watch them play a bit.
Me and Di Di would be the ball boys, standing behind daddy or his friend.
We run as fast as we could to pick up the balls and throw the balls back to them.
Nana would be the ball keeper.
Why? Cause once she gets a ball, she would just hold on to it and doesn’t want to get it back to us.
We are so glad that she got small hands, otherwise, she might collects all the balls and nothing left for us.
But Nana likes to hold the tennis racquet the most.
She would carries it around the court and doesn’t want to return back to daddy.
I know you really want to play but I think you are way too small.
Could you wait another 2 years?

Sleeping Together

June 20th, 2013 by heide

We sleep in daddy and mummy’s room every night now.
After we slept, daddy and mummy would transport us back to our bed in our room.
Usually we were on top of each other.
Like my feet would be on Nana’s tummy.
Di Di’s hand would be on my face.
But today, we all slept in the same position.
Let’s go funky dancing!

Iron Man

June 19th, 2013 by heide

Mummy, Di Di and Nana went to Wan Chai dry market to buy me a pair of dancing shoes for my graduation performance.
While they were searching for it, Di Di saw this Iron Man mask.
It only cost $25.
She wanted to buy one more for me but that’s the last one.
And Di Di promised he is going to share with me so mummy bought it right away.
When we got home, all of us wanted to try it on.
Even Nana.
She wouldn’t let go once she put on the mask!
Oh dear! Nana. Aren’t you suppose to play with some girly things?
Like doll or cooking or baby toys?
This is for big boy like us!
She was crying and crying when mummy took it away.
Anyway, there are Mark 1, Mark 2 and Mark 3 in this house now.
So no bad guys will come and hurt us!
By the way, could you tell which one is me and which one is Di Di?

Tea Time!

June 18th, 2013 by heide

Oh dear!These 2 women are always eating when me and Di Di having our mandarin classes.
Mummy complains that she and Nana has nothing to do there and went for some cake and some drinks!
Look at the way Nana eats!
Then you could tell how yummy the cake was!
That is so unfair! (that is the new turn I like to use these days!)
The only thing we got is Hong Kong style sausage bread.
I want cheese cake and chocolate cake!

Feeding Ernie!

June 17th, 2013 by heide

Nana is so in love with Ernie now.
There was a big outdoor advertisement near Causeway Bay, and she would yells “Ernie! Mummy! Daaaady!”
She loves to carry her around the house!
And sometimes she would chose Ernie DVD over her other favourite “The Wiggles”.
Today she starts to feed Ernie.
Her facial expression is very funny when Mummy asked her how about Ernie?
You could see she is saying “Oops!”
She is very happy when she fed Ernie.
But please don’t feed him anymore banana or strawberries… please!
Dry snacks only!

Happy Father’s Day!

June 16th, 2013 by heide

Happy father’s day!
We love you daddy!
To celebrate father’s day, mummy woke up early and painted our faces.
It was easy for me and Di Di but Nana was kept moving and it took mummy a while to finish it.
But it turned out to be nice.
Daddy loves them!
And of course! We all gave him a big big kiss.
We made some cards for daddy. He of course loves them all.
But I got all the money out from my piggy bank and gave him a red pocket.
Just like what he gave us during CNY.
I wish he could buy something he likes.
Like Captain America, Spider-Man, Lego…etc anything he likes!
Happy father’s day my lovely daddy!

Nana in a Bag!

June 15th, 2013 by heide

Mummy always has these kind of silly ideas in her head.
While she was packing daddy’s backpack for Nana’s check up, she has this funny idea.
Why do we put Nana inside the backpack.
Are you for real mummy?
Is she going to be ok and is she going to be scare.
Ok ok! Let’s try.
And it turns out – she loves it!
I tried to carry her around and she didn’t want to get out and love to be carry around like this.
So maybe we don’t need her sling anymore.
But don’t you think it’s a bit crappy?

Wake Up!

June 14th, 2013 by heide

Di Di and Nana went out for lunch with Por Por without me (AGAIN!!!!).
They had Japanese food which is all their favourite. (And also mine…)
This little girl loves to play and refuses to sleep even though she is extremely tired.
So right after lunch she fell asleep with her lollipop.
Mummy has to pull it out really hard.
Oh dear Nana! Are you going to have rotten teeth?