March Photos

Have finally found the time to pick and upload some photos we took in March. You can find them in the 2008 Family Albums. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Ashton!

You are one year old today! 

Time really flies…

Look at this beautiful cake Mummy made for you!

Photos will be posted later…




New photos and BBQ walking

Sorry – its been a long while since the last time I updated.

I have now uploaded quite a few new photos and also a video of BBQ walking by himself for the first time. Please check out the albums (see the links on the right).

It was somewhat emotional for me to see BBQ walk by himself. Its like, one day after work, all of a sudden, BBQ is walking…


Having dinner

Having dinner

Weirdest evening

Heide and I went to the weirdest wedding banquet tonight… where people celebrated someone else’s birthday with birthday cake and song… and there were a lot of people invited by the couple’s brother for business reasons who grapped the mic spent a lot of time on stage introducing them to the couple (and everyone else) one by one… and then some of those business people went on stage for some Taiwanese style karaoke to “entertain” everyone… and then we were told by the host that the souvenior we had been given were some “leftovers” actually… and then somebody at our table opened a can of worms… and then there was going to be a lucky draw with big LCD TVs to be given away… at which point we couldn’t stand it anymore and left… and then this interesting guy said we should keep in touch and we don’t even know each other’s name…

And we went home and the cat barked at the dog… and we never saw him “bark” before…


Almost 7 months old

Some new photos of Ashton in our family albums!

See, his teeth are coming out!


6 months’ old!


Mummy made this beautiful (and yummy) cake to celebrate Ashton’s 6th birthday this year…


Watching your kid grow is such an amazing experience. A couple of months ago Ashton started smiling, and taking care of him instantly became much more “rewarding” – we would try our very best to make him smile to earn such “rewards”. Today, Ashton finally managed to turn around all by himself. It may sound trivial, but Heide and I are very excited about it. Its like our son has reached another milestone. I was at work and couldn’t witness it myself, but Mummy managed to take it down on video, and she put it online and rang me to see it right away. Take a look at it here.


He will gradually learn to sit up, crawl around, walk and talk… on the one hand we can’t wait to see him do all that, but on the other hand we also want him to take it slow, as we are enjoying every moment of him being small and cute. :)

One thing we have wanted to say to our friends and family in the last few months and haven’t managed to do so successfully: we would like to THANK YOU again for your best wishes and wonderful gifts!! An example of your generosity: thanks to the very beautiful and some luxurious clothes you gave to us, Heide and I still have not bought any clothes for Ashton ourselves so far!We have actually ordered some thank you cards with one of our first family photos imprinted. However, the quality of the cards turned out to be quite poor, and we ended up keeping them (and there’s quite a lot!) for ourselves… Please click the thumbnails below to see them – they look fine on the screen, but not very nice in prints.

Thank you card - coverThank you card - inside

Goodbye Lin Lin!

It is with great sadness that we have to say goodbye to Lin Lin today. She had diabetes and suddenly became very ill in the last few days. The vet said her kidney had failed and that given her conditions, it was best that we put her to sleep…

Goodbye, dear friend…

We are all very very sad to lose you. We miss you already our dear friend, Lin Lin!! I hope that one day we will reunite again in heaven…