Category: Miscellaneous


Weirdest evening

Heide and I went to the weirdest wedding banquet tonight… where people celebrated someone else’s birthday with birthday cake and song… and there were a lot of people invited by the couple’s brother for business reasons who grapped the mic spent a lot of time on stage introducing them to the couple (and everyone else) […]

The religious meow chai

Meowchai having fun with the curtain string… but it looked like he’s singing at Sunday service… “Hallelujah~~!”

Relaxed afternoon

Meowchai and Linlin taking a nap in the warm afternoon. It feels like summer is coming already…

Little fella at new place

H’s little fella came to his new home last Saturday. The little guy was so nervous that he looked for cover under the sofa as soon as he got out of the carrying bag. His bum was a little bigger than he thought but he managed to squeeze in after some effort. Anyway, after venturing […]


I have always wanted to put together something very simple online to share things like photos with family and friends. There was some old stuff here and there before and they have now all been removed. This new “site” is finally up and running although there is not much here. Things (like our wedding photos, may […]