April and May photos + video

Some photos taken in April and May have been uploaded.

I have also added a new page for video taken in 2009.


Our photos up to March 2009 are all online. Have not been so up-to-date for a long time.



October Photos

October photos are now online. They are on page 2 here.

September Photos

September photos are in the album (on page 2). There are quite a lot of them and I hope you won’t be too bored…

If you don’t know how to access them please let me know.

My favourite movie clip


June – August Photos

We went to the States for a couple of weeks during June/July. Quite a few of our photos taken from June to August are now in the 2008 Family Album. Please scroll to the bottom for the link. Please also note that photos from August onwards are on page 2 – please click “Next Screen” button to reach it.


April and May Photos

We stayed home as there was Black Rain warning this morning – one of the worst rainy days in recent memory. I have taken the chance to tidy up and upload some photos we took in April and May. Among them was Ah B’s last photos. They are now in our Family Albums! If you have forgotten about the password to access them please just let us know.

In 5 seconds

expressions in 5 seconds

The above are photos of Ashton taken in less than 5 seconds…

As some of you may already have heard, my beloved dog Ah B passed away about a month ago.

Ah B, it was tremendously upsetting to lose you. I wish you have regained your good health and energy, and are playing with Lin Lin up there. You are such a kind dog, I wish you are in a much better place now. I hope we can all reunite one day.